Oyster Mushrooms

Scientific name: Pleurotus ostreatus

The vigorous oyster mushrooms grow on trees in the wild. They start growing after the first rains of the season.
Fresh oyster mushrooms emerge in supermarkets and farmer’s markets beside our affable but less-expensive common mushroom. Cultured oyster mushrooms are not only sweet but versatile, because they can be used as a subtle flavoring agent in many ways. The caps of these mushrooms could be gray, blue, yellow, pink, or white. So these are also known as designer mushrooms. The stems are tender and tasty. The cultivated variety also has a fruity aroma.

Health Benefits

Oyster mushrooms are excellent sources of natural lovastatin and their medicinal attributes extend beyond cardiovascular health. Two molecular mechanisms from alcohol extracts of oyster mushrooms were identified which inhibit growth of colon and breast cancer cells without significant effect on normal cells, and has a potential therapeutic/preventive effect on breast and colon cancer.

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